4700 Broadway St

4700 Broadway. Madison Park. My church. It’s located right on the busiest road in an old Jack’s building, which in my opinion is the best view visitors get when they ride into town. Between the hot coffee, friendly faces, and powerful messages, it makes for a wonderful Sunday. I wish I could be there 24/7 but they’d most likely kick me out 😉 The worship services are incredible, but the best feeling is walking in and seeing a smiling face greet you. The smell of coffee brewing fills the air along with the sound of laughter and small talk. The chapel is lowly lit with soft gospel songs playing overhead. I just love the worship team and all the volunteers that spend their mornings making sure everyone feels welcome. The nursery is full of kiddos running around and talking about what they learned about God that morning. There’s always someone there to welcome you whether it’s your first or 1000th time being there. It will be so tough to find that feeling anywhere else. It’s my favorite place to be anytime, any day. So here’s to you, Madison Park, my rock, my safe place.

p.s. There’s a really rad picture of me on the website taken 500 years ago.


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