Get To Know Me

There’s more about me than a few sentences could tell you, but I’ll try my best.

I’m 22 years young originally from a small town in Illinois. I moved far away from home last year and during that time, I started my Atypical Anorexia and body dis-morphia recovery. I met great people, had fun, made memories, but decided to move back home so I could continue my recovery with my family near. Now I work for an adoption and foster agency and I’m loving it. During initial recovery, I realized just how much I hate being vulnerable, and that was one reason I had a hard time admitting to anyone that I had an ED or BD. When I open my laptop and start to write, my real feelings are being poured out. This is my way of saying, “here I am, do you still like me?” These blogs are my real, raw, and vulnerable feelings. I hope you’re still interested in reading them, and if you are, please follow.

I love coffee, Audrey Hepburn, my nephew, Jesus, and the color pink.


This is my life. This is my story. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

  1. I’m also 22 years old and I have read several of your posts. It’s encouraging to have someone in the same stage of life struggling through the same types of things. I think we have similar ideas for the direction of our blogs. Following you and looking forward to what things you have to share. 🙂

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